A Pure Stainless spa is the epitome of elegant relaxation. Whether you are designing a five-star commercial property or a luxurious backyard escape, we have the ideal stainless steel spa for you.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel spas are the solution developers and commercial architects have been looking for in spa construction. Lightweight, endlessly customizable and quickly made offsite, installation is fast and accurate. The most durable option on the market, all our stainless steel Pools and Spas are backed by lifetime warranties. Stainless steel will not crack, delaminate, peel, corrode, discolour or leak. Using stainless steel also provides your project with one of the many factors that are considered for LEED certification, being that our vessels are 100% recyclable.

perimeter overflow

The basic workings of a perimeter overflow spa are deceptively simple. It is essentially a vanishing edge around the entire spa. Water fills the vessel until it overflows and spills into a receptacle, generally an underground gutter that runs around the spa. Perimeter overflow spas create an unparalleled sense of luxury.

acrylic window

The difference is clear. An acrylic wall detail in your spa is daring and dramatic. Our structurally engineered acrylic will not only provide a breathtaking, see-through view on walls or floors, but also grant us the ability to build spas inground or elevated where necessary.


The boundaries have disappeared. There is nothing quite like a spa that appears to stretch to the horizon. Vanishing edge spas require specific landscape configurations to optimize the effect, providing uninterrupted views of the skyline. These spas are the epitome of elegance.


Take your spa dreams to new heights. Our custom stainless steel spas are the superior material for rooftop and elevated installations. Durable, lightweight and water-tight, stainless steel is the preferred choice of architects and engineers when designing aquatic applications at heights. At Pure, we are setting a new standard for above-grade construction of pools and spas.

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