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A Pure Stainless spa is the epitome of elegant relaxation. Whether you are designing a five-star commercial property or a luxurious backyard escape, we have the ideal product for you.

A Pure Stainless spa is the epitome of elegant relaxation. Whether you are designing a five-star commercial property or a luxurious backyard escape, we have the ideal stainless steel spa for you.

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Swim in StainlessTM

Commercial SPAS

Endlessly customizable durability for every application

Pure Stainless steel spas are the ideal solution for commercial properties because they are durable, lightweight, easy to install and hygienic. These unique attributes make stainless steel the optimal material to withstand the harshness of frequent commercial use. Whether designed for resort/hotel, recreational facility or day spa installation, our cutting-edge technology and quality product line will add value to your commercial project.

Easily customizable features enable our innovative team of experts to design a spa that fits any location or application. Choose from a selection of three finish options to match the property’s existing décor and style, revealing a stunning final product, sure to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Additional types of spas designed, fabricated and installed by Pure Stainless:

Swim in StainlessTM

Vitality spas

These vessels can feature stainless steel loungers, hydrotherapy stations, creative water features and other speciality jets. Herbal essences and custom lighting can be added to enhance the ambiance of your vitality spa.

Yacht spas

The durable, lightweight features of stainless steel make it the ideal construction material for harsh, salt-water environments. Plus, with limitless customization options, your yacht spa can be fabricated to match the ship’s design, surpassing all luxury standards.

Custom design

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Redefine relaxation in the comfort of your own home

Relax in the serenity and tranquility of your backyard with a stainless steel hot tub. Whether you are escaping at home on a beachfront porch, cozy patio or rooftop oasis, our in-ground or above-ground vessels can be customized to meet your needs. We are able to retrofit your existing space or create something entirely new. Choose from three finish options. Whatever your vision, our focus on luxury and sustainability will deliver a final product that will impress all those who visit your home.

Pure Stainless spas hold up in all seasons – no matter where you live, offering superior quality and unmatched durability. Our products will not delaminate, crack, peel, corrode, discolour or leak. A Pure Stainless spa is an investment that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Custom Design

Never settle for ordinary

If you can dream it, we can build it. As a custom pool and spa manufacturer, Pure Stainless has the expertise and manufacturing flexibility to create a vessel that works in even the most challenging spaces – whether commercial or residential. Our team will work with you or your builder/engineer to devise a plan that will meet the unique installation and design specifications for your project. We love stepping outside of “conventional” to create something unique and extraordinary for our clients. Contact us today!

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