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Stainless Pools

Dive into the modern world of pool design by investing in one of our stainless steel pools. We offer a unique range of options to complete your at-home or commercial project, with endless customization features. Let us help you experience the benefits of “swimming stainless.”

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Commercial Pools

Discover the longevity and allure of stainless

Stainless steel pools are the solution developers and commercial architects have been looking for in pool construction. Lightweight, endlessly customizable and quickly made offsite, installation is fast and accurate. With three finish options to choose from, our expert team will design a breathtaking vessel to meet any commercial need. Using stainless steel also provides your project with one of the many factors that are considered for LEED certification, being that our vessels are 100% recyclable.

The lightness of stainless steel pools also makes them ideal for rooftops and balconies; they weigh at least three times less than concrete, withstanding the natural movement of buildings better than concrete, while maintaining watertight reliability. This significantly reduces material construction cost and structural demands. Stainless vessels are a superior, innovative and cost-effective option to enhance any space, while ensuring your project is completed on time and on budget.

Aquatic centres and spas especially benefit from the longevity of these easy-to-clean vessels. When properly maintained, Pure Stainless steel pools and spas will not delaminate, crack, peel, discolour, leak or require renewing finishes over the lifespan of the vessel. Trust the quality of our products to deliver long-term value.

Additional types of commercial pools designed, fabricated and installed by Pure Stainless:

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Plunge pools

These can be offered in cold or warm water options, ideal for hydrotherapy use after heavy exercise or the sauna.

Therapy pools

From medical centers to universities to professional training facilities, these pools play an integral part in physical therapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine treatments. Therapy pools can be designed with custom components like parallel handrails, nonslip tile and observation windows. Handicap lifts, ramps and access areas are available to meet AODA code requirements.

Competition pools

The easy installation and durable nature of stainless steel competition pools make these vessels the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Custom design

Contact us today to chat about your custom commercial project!

Residential Pools

Escape to your private, backyard retreat

A Pure Stainless pool or spa turns every yard into an oasis. Imagine gathering around your new pool, with sunlight and clouds sparkling and reflecting back at you – a counterpoint to nature’s beauty. Minimalist frames conform to the curve of your land, your sightlines and your requirements, infusing your outdoor space with modern elegance and unmatched aesthetic appeal. Our wide selection of finish options makes it easy to fulfill any design vision.

Made to last a lifetime, Pure Stainless pools require less care and ongoing maintenance than traditional pools. Stainless steel will not delaminate, crack, peel, corrode, discolour or leak. Invest in the quality of our products to take your backyard project to the next level.

Pure Stainless is looking for clients who understand the depth and dimension a pool or spa combination can bring to their home, and who want a partner who will take them places they’ve never even imagined. Let our outstanding team of professionals take you from vision to reality through collaborative design consultation, expert installation and ongoing client support.

Custom Design

Never settle for ordinary

If you can dream it, we can build it. As a custom pool and spa manufacturer, Pure Stainless has the expertise and manufacturing flexibility to create a vessel that works in even the most challenging spaces – whether commercial or residential. Our team will work with you or your builder/engineer to devise a plan that will meet the unique installation and design specifications for your project. We love stepping outside of “conventional” to create something unique and extraordinary for our clients. Contact us today!

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