Luxurious stainless

steel pools & spas

Three Installation Types

If you can dream it, we can build it. As a custom pool and spa manufacturer, Pure Stainless has the expertise and manufacturing flexibility to create a vessel that works in even the most challenging spaces – whether commercial or residential. Our team will work with you or your builder/engineer to devise a plan that will meet the unique installation specifications for your project.

In ideal scenarios, the vessel will be delivered and installed in one piece. This reduces on-site construction time and installation costs. In areas with limited access, pre-fabricated and pre-plumbed sections are craned into placed. Other sections can be built to accommodate additional access limitations. The vessel must rest on a level, load-bearing, engineered surface. Pure Stainless is available to assist with on-site installation.

Dependent on the area where the vessel will be installed, Pure Stainless offers three installation types:

Recessed Mount

Used when the spa will be partially recessed beneath the ground or a deck.

Flush Mount

Used when the spa will be completely recessed into the ground or deck.

On-Grade Mount

Used when the spa will be on ground level.

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