Swim in Stainless

Frequently Asked Questions

How do stainless vessels stand up to harsh winter conditions?

All Pure Stainless vessels are manufactured for permanent, year-round, all-season installations. The shell will not crack or peel due to extended exposure to snow, ice, frost or cold temperatures.

Are stainless steel pools and spas more expensive than other options?

Pure Stainless offers products to meet every budget. We can customize a solution to meet every need. Plus, the longevity of our stainless products offer a wise, long-term investment, when compared to other manufacturing options.

Does stainless steel get hot?

No. It will not heat to the point of burning you, but since stainless steel is a conductor, it will take on conditions of the environment around it (e.g. air or water). It will not warp due to overexposure to heat or sun.

How do you clean a stainless steel vessel?

Stainless steel is non-porous and can be wiped clean with a mild detergent. It provides an effective barrier against the buildup of bacteria black spot, mildew and other germs, which can stain other surfaces, such as concrete, acrylic, fiberglass and vinyl liners. That is why stainless steel is commonly used in kitchens, hospitals and other sterile settings.

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